Marcy's Rolled into Heaven

Rest assured, these bite sized favours pack all of Marcy's signature taste. A unique mix of cake and icing hand rolled into mouthful portions, hand coated in dark or white chocolate to give you an experience you'll keep coming back for.


Delicious Cupcake Flavours

Your introduction to the flavour and experience of Marcy's Cakes should start with a cupcake.

Your tastebuds will thank you for it.


Baked From Scratch

At Marcy's, all of my products are baked from scratch. Eggs, butter, milk, flour and a variety of flavours are delicately combined everyday to make delicious cupcakes, cakeballs, and cakes. In fact, this is what I am most proud of at Marcy's Cakes: a unique taste you will remember for life!


The retail location is now CLOSED.


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